rosetta stone arabic 1Big events are happening in my part of the forest. I came back from Oregon to take on an engineering position at a company in Flagstaff. I work quite a bit, but I love my job so far. I’m definitely challenged by the work! That’s why it’s called work, right?

Being employed and with a fairly predictable schedule (no weekends so far!), I’m free to pursue other personal interests. I’m reading whatever I want to these days. I will concede that I read a few lean manufacturing books for my job, but that stuff is interesting so it’s ok. I’m also working on a language interest I’ve had for years–Arabic! I finally learned the alphabet and I can (painfully) pronounce words. I’m hoping that gets better. I’m working on a three pronged attack–Alif Baa, Al-Kitaab and Rosetta Stone. I think I’ll be adding in Ahlan wa Sahlan once I’m actually through Alif Baa (some 10 pages to go, after all). Rosetta Stone so far is good–it costs about the same as a course. I like that has voice recognition and it will force you say things right. I think it’s a good supplement to instruction or a text book. I don’t know if RS would be enough by itself though. I also want a pen pal; either email or hand letters. That’ll come with time, إن شاء الله.

Also, the blog is looking different. The robot is considering doing his own blog and is on R&P hiatus. I do promise my loyal readers more posts now that the whole school thing is over. I’m still catching up on my sleep, but I’ll roll out of bed once in awhile for a post. Really.