Chickies in the sun!Chicks arrived at Olsen’s Grain last weekend. And, because they’re so darn cute, I volunteered to chick-sit for the weekend. Matilda (on the left) was more timid than her sister, Peggy. Matilda preferred to be burrowed underneath Peggy. You can imagine that Peggy, being 5 days old herself, wasn’t quite prepared for simulated motherhood.

Sun-worshipping chickesChicks are sweet–they eat, sleep, chirp and of course poop. By the end of the weekend, Peggy had discovered her wings and was flapping and hopping about. And how was Tom Cat, you may be wondering. Tom found the chirping interesting, but ultimately boring. That’s right, he’d rather nap than lust after sweet, tender chickie flesh. I tell you, he’s one unique kitty.