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Testing a Camera Obscura

I’ve been intrigued by possibilities for mixing old and new technologies in the creation of videos and still photos. Online, I’ve found lots of information about making your own camera obscura to capture and project images in a box, which you can then capture with your SLR or compact video and film cameras. Why bother? You get a unique, narrow depth of field (some objects are in focus but most aren’t) and a vignette, or …

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William Lamson’s Place- and Time-Based Art

Last night I had the pleasure to find an unexpected film-based work at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. William Lamson’s Action for the Delaware is as captivating as it is difficult to characterize. Lamson himself, and the Delaware River, are both subjects in this work. In essence, the artist attempts (and succeeds) in giving the illusion that he’s standing on the surface of the river. But rather than leave it at that, which is …

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