Just a few of the 700 spicesIn southeast Portland, there is a non-descript grocery store next to a booming Trader Joe’s. Don’t go into “TJ’s”; they haven’t got what the other store has: a wall with 700 spices and herbs. Seriously. Chili? Yup. Tea and chai? Yup. Bebere? Yup. Nigella seeds? Yup. Asafoetida? Yup. Oh and they have salt too: 6 kinds of it.

Tigard LibraryThis, my friends, is perhaps the nicest library I’ve seen, aside from Penn State’s (which has mythological significance in my mind and therefore will always be the best). It’s in Tigard and is part of the Washington County system. Each desk has those full-spectrum lights (because the NW is just so wet and rainy that we’re all depressed, right?) and has a fantastic view (greenery courtesy of the aforementioned rain). I was able to use the internets and job search in peace and not have to spend a dime at a coffee house. Nice.