Edana's first welds; terrible, but fun!I’ve learned that being a touch nosy can pay off. This week at work, while working on a project, I really needed to have slots instead of holes in my piece. Easy, right? Sure, if you know a mill. I know what you’re saying, “you’re a mechanical engineer and you don’t know how to use a mill?”

Yes, that is correct. I asked a co-worker and he gave me a very good tutorial on how to use it and then had me operate the machine. I now how, though admittedly I’m not very good at it. Practice, right? This was Wednesday.

Now, let’s fast forward to Friday (after all, no one I know had a good Thursday last week). Again, picture me in the shop with the same co-worker. He’s about to weld and I say, “Say, can you teach me?” I have nothing at this moment needing welding, but a girl always has to learn new tricks, right? So, again, the safety and how-to instructions go on. He welds and then puts out a piece of scrap and says, “You’re turn.” So sweet! Pictured are my first welds. I know, terrible, but I’ll just practice more.

I hope next week I’ll get introduced to the lathe. Then, I have a ton of practicing to do. Wish me luck!