Cool Cotton on HawthroneI found Cool Cottons on Hawthorne and SE 27th yesterday. I bought some reddish cotton for a new shirt I’m making. The store is spacious, warm and friendly. The prices weren’t too steep either! The fabric is currently being washed and I’m very excited to be getting back into my sewing.

Downtown ArtThis is a random shot of an art gallery I walked passed last night. It’s on NW 12th near-ish to Glisan. It’s great that a downtown location (i.e. high rent) can survive with not-kitsch art.

I'm still seriously ok with rain.So, yes, it does rain. This is out in Lake Oswego. I’m keeping track of the days in terms of rainy, cloudy, part sun-part cloud and no rain. So far, no days with “no rain” label. I’m not depressed–yet!