Little White Lamb gets his vitamins
Yesterday, Michael and I were asked to help catch some lambs and feed them liquid vitamins. It was the first time either of us have caught (or even tried to catch) lambs. They were super cute! The vitamins smelled awful and, judging from the lamb’s reaction, tasted awful too.

Little Black Lamb gets medicine
There were a few goats in the pen with the sheep, but we didn’t even try to catch them! This guy has an almost human look on his face. One of the mama sheep actually jumped at Michael and tried to ram him! She stopped once Michael stood up all the way. Still, scary.

To get to the sheep/goat pen, we had to climb into the churro sheep pen and then climb over into the sheep/goat pen. These guys look a lot scarier than they were. Still, I don’t want to make them mad–they look like they could significant damage! Usually in these sheep, the two horns on each side of their heads will intertwine. The sheep on the right has a left horn doing this.

Churro Sheep