Rating: 4 of 5 4/5 Pretty Darn Nice

I’ve used this pack to summit Colorado 14er Long’s Peak and for many smaller day hikes. Its so light and packable, you can bring it with you inside your overnight backpack for a day hiking pack option. This is a frameless, basic pack, really just a stuff sack with shoulder straps. That makes it very light and versatile, which all works well as long as you don’t need to carry too much weight. I use mine for bike rides, walking to work and running to the library, too. It can handle up to 10 lb quote well.

The Product

Flash 18 by REI
Cost: $34.50
Weight: 10.2 Oz. (0.29 kg)


Simple and lightweight, this pack cuts the frills and just gives you a place to stuff your things. Using this pack forces a certain economy; you can carry your lunch, some water, a fist aid kit and a couple of extra layers, a small hat and gloves without any trouble. I keep mine partly packed all of the time so I’m always ready to grab it and go for a walk.


  • Drawstring top for easy quick access.
  • An inside mesh zipped pocket for keys, wallet and cell phone is handy.
  • A pouch for a water bladder.
  • Chest strap includes a whistle built into the clasp.
  • Lightweight waist strap is handy when you need it.


  • It just does not hold very much, so plan accordingly.
  • Lack of structure may not be appealing to some hikers, especially if you are used to something with a more conventional feel on your back. Sometimes you can feel items rounding against your back through the thin foam insert.
  • Not very water proof; drawstring top does not close all the way, though there is a very small flap to keep some of the rain out.