Map made into a flyer for a pole

As you can imagine, Portland is living up to my expectations. My initial observations:

The biking here is amazing; it’s like critical mass every day! We got lost coming over the Hawthorne Bridge. We were with a bunch of cyclists, but got stuck at a light on SE Hawthorne and 11th. The others were gone, completely out of sight. Yes, you know where they went, but we didn’t as newbies. They went straight into the Ladd’s Addition. There were no cars, just all us cyclists go about our merry way. Go forth and google it, my friends. Ladd’s is cool.

The food is plentiful and alluring. I haven’t quite fallen in love with whole food cart thing, but I think that’s because I haven’t given it a proper chance. Food is extra cheap since there is no sales tax (WTH? Really?). I’m a big fan of Crema’s zucchini muffins ($2 each) and the gelato shop on NE Everett and 28th (and they have tiny espresso that is a perfect addition).

Free boxes! They sprout up on any street and have great things in them (and well, sometimes crappy things too). Just this week I got a book from a free box while I was out on a run (and it was book I was looking at buying). I like knowing that I can contribute my things to the free box (or make my own). I know I’ll have a few books to put out and maybe some of our pans (we’ve got a few extra). Having those around makes me feel like I live in a place where there is plenty to go around. It’s a nice feeling.

Things to do and people to see: we’ve been doing meetups and trying to get ourselves rooted. It’s been really fun. I’ve also connected with Engineers without Borders because, well, it’s awesome. There is always something going on and people have been great to meet and talk with.

Ok, so my verdict after one month in Portland is I love it!


Michael found these books useful when researching our move to Portland: