Pika didn’t so much mind the move up to Colorado. Several hours in a truck was fine. What Pika did mind was the complete and utter neglect. Life inside a cello case was, well, confining. Life in the dark back corner of the closet was, well, somewhat scary for a social, lively cello.

For new years, I got Pika and I a weekly date: lessons! Through music store, I found Karen who is a fabulous teacher. We’ve picked up where I left off in Suzuki Book 3. Since we have a standing date, Pika and I have been getting really close. Karen takes considerable pains to make sure I’m not in any pain. She’s really great with how the body works when playing a string instrument and on how to avoid getting hurt.

I also found a meetup called the Boulder Cello Project and we get together monthly for informal play-ins. The play-ins are great for me since I have a slight fear of public performance and a slight intonation problem. I can hear just fine, but my hand position is somewhat still in flux. This video is of us in January, playing our theme song. I know, freaking awesome. Pika is very happy to be out of his case and out of the closet.