Bagdad Theater from my car; note the timeIn the neighborhood of the 45th Parallel, it stays light out very late into the evening. This shot, taken about four weeks ago, shows us just the tail end of twilight. Note that my dash clock says it’s 8:45. I don’t generally have dinner until after dark, so I eat late.

Bookstore in Astoria, ORI recently visited Astoria, OR and the northern Oregonian coast. I of course found a sweet bookshop. I mean, how is it possible that I would travel and not find a bookstore? The store had fun labels, as you can see. I didn’t buy a book–I can resist! This shot is for all of you aspiring minimalists. Now, get off the internets and organize your place!

Astoria, ORAnother shot from Astoria’s downtown. While it was cloudy at the coast, Astoria (slightly up the Colombia) was sunny and clear.

Peter Iredale wreckageThe water at the coast is cold! I did walk in the water some, but didn’t go in further than my ankles. This ship wreck is the Peter Iredale. It wrecked in 1906 and had sailed for 16 years.