Here’s a list that worked well for me on an easy four day/three night hike with a single back country site in Rocky Mountain National Park. What you bring will depend on the time of year and location. This was a relatively easy hike with warm and dry conditions, although I was prepared for rain. Note: bear canisters are required for food storage for back country camping inside Rocky Mountain National Park. The extra weight and bulk of the canister can be a pain, but it is always recommended to comply with Park Service rules. They have had trouble with bears, and it is best to be safe.

Items in the Pack

Weight (Oz) Item
48 Pack-Granite Gear Nimbus Ozone
64 Sleeping bag-Marmot Maverick’s 0 (zero degree)
17.2 MSR E-Wing tarp with stakes and cord
33 Bear Vault 450 food storage container (required by Park)
60 Food
1.8 Socks- Feetures quarter running socks (1 pair)
1.15 Ezeefit ankle booties
10.2 REI Flash 18 day pack inside big backpack
3.65 Synthetic running shorts
7 Leggings, bottom base layer Pearl Izumi tights
1.65 Gloves, black diamond polartec
0.8 Beanie hat, synthetic, Pearl Izumi
10 Fuel and bottle, denatured alcohol
1.6 Headlamp, Petzl e+lite
1.85 Travel pillow cover
0.8 Stuff sack, Cordura
0.8 Stuff sack, Cordura
1.3 Sunblock
1 Thermarest repair kit
3.15 First aid kit
1.75 Space blanket
16.6 Water filter, MSR ceramic
0.1 Scrubber for water filter
4.5 Cookset, Backpacking Light titanium
0.95 Cookset handle
2.05 Alcohol stove and shields
2.45 Cup, plastic. GSI
0.01 Scrubber, dishes
0.5 Towel, cut down to 8×10 inches
0.25 Spoon, Sea to Summit, plastic cut down and drilled handle
10.75 Thermarest, small
4.15 Pack cover, waterproof, Mountainsmith
0.3 Extra batteries for headlamp
2.2 Platypus plastic canteen, 2.5 liter, and hydration tube
2.2 Nalgene plastic canteen, 1 liter
3.9 Ground cloth, plastic Home Depot
0.9 Pocket knife
7.45 Camera, Cannon SX260
0.25 Toothbrush, travel size
7.3 Jacket, GoLite Malpais Trinity water resistant
2.2 Toilet paper, partial roll

349.11 Oz.
21.82 lb.
9.90 kg

Items Worn/Carried While Hiking

Weight (Oz) Item
3.05 Sun hat, Sunday Afternoons
6.25 Base layer top, merino wool, Icebreaker super fine ultralight
11.1 Pants, Mountain Hard Wear nylon
2.45 Synthetic underwear
1.8 Socks- Feetures quarter running socks (1 pair)
24.3 Mizuno trail runner shoes
0.9 Sunglasses
17.3 Trekking poles, Leki Makalu