Lucy the clarinetRegular R+P readers understand my love-affair (obsession?) with musical instruments. There’s that Pika, my sweet cello, and my saxophone, currently on loan to a 5th grader and an old clarinet from Milano Music. I played clarinet years ago in high school and sold it about 6 years ago. Instant mistake, I know.

While dresser hunting in Prescott, Robot and I came across this clarinet. It looked forlorn next to that flashy flute. Who can argue with $50? Plus is has a nearly-vintage case. After procuring the said dresser, we headed back up the mountain and straight to the music store for reeds (3 for 2–it’s a sign) and music books. Then home and a test run. This one sounds better than my old one. Nice. So, let me formally introduce ya’ll: This is Lucy, she’s a clarinet of unknown age or origin. But she sounds darn nice.