PikaCello time is more than just flopping my bow across the strings. Cello playing, really any musical adventure, is a process of self-discovery and really about joy.

But to me, cello is about finding the fun and playfulness in the music. It’s about that feeling you get when the fourth position F is just so. Or that switch from A to B that makes the G string ring back. It’s magical to me.

Sometimes that moment will strike when I’m not expecting it. Tonight, Michael was finishing up dinner and I obstinately just had to play that Schumann once. It’s new; I really want to have it ready for Clara’s 30th Birthday Talent Show Bash. So I just started up and within two bars I knew it was solid. I was playing along, free in the moment, when Michael went “Hey! Wow!” at me. Awesome. I felt awesome like David Darling must feel like when he plays.

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes wow.