Carousel from Michael French on Vimeo.

A recent trip to Los Angeles for a wedding found us with a few extra hours to relax before our flight home. We headed to the shore a Santa Monica, one of my favorite places to go when I used to live in Pomona, California, east of Los Angeles. There’s a old pier that’s sort of a West Coast Coney Island: A Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, some games and other diversions. But most of those are new and not unlike what you’d see at many amusement parks. What I like better is the old carousel, opened in 1916 and still delighting children today. I never had a chance to ride this one when I was a kid, but my Grandma used to take me to a very similar one in San Diego’s Balboa Park (built in 1910). This little fim is a tribute to the mesmerizing influence the carousel can have for kids. Something about the colors, the music and the rotation can put riders in a kind of blissful trance. I certainly remember that feeling, and I found even looking at the moving carousel while standing on the still ground recaptured the feeling a bit for me. Enjoy.

Santa Monica Pier